FREE eBook – Why you should use a specialist recruiter & 7 questions you should ask them first

Are you a hiring manager, director or HR professional looking to utilise the services of a specialist agency but unsure of the benefits? Are you weighing up your options? Should you use a general agency, a specialist or even recruit yourself via Job Boards etc…?

If you are currently looking to recruit or plan to recruit in the near future, request our free eBook today. The eBook will be delivered straight to your inbox, with no obligation to use SDW and no hard sell follow up.

Request this FREE comprehensive guide to why you should use a specialist recruiter. Professional recruiters know their markets better than anyone. This guide covers all the benefits including; saving time & money; casting a wider net; candidates not applicants; confidentiality; negotiation & protecting your employer brand – it is all included – well worth the read.

The eBook also includes 7 questions you should ask a recruiter before engaging them – ensuring that you are partnering with the right recruitment company who is going to provide you with a solution to your hiring needs.

So whether you plan to work with us here at SDW, use another agency or recruit direct – request this FREE eBook today and it will be delivered to your inbox, with no obligation and no hard sell follow up call.

Supply Chain Recruitment Agencies Why use a specialist agency & 7 questions you should ask them first