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Average Salary Snapshot within the Freight Forwarding, Shipping, Supply Chain & Logistics Industry – UK

Updated 6th July 2016

As a shipping, logistics or supply chain professional, we want to ensure that you stay fully up-to-date with the typical salary levels that the industry is paying around the UK, so you can ensure that your package is at the right level and what you can potentially look to achieve in your next career move.

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At SDW, we are constantly talking to the industry about the current and future skills shortage that along with many other industries, the shipping, freight & logistics industry is facing. SDW are at the forefront of encouraging employers large and small within the industry to recruit trainees, who will become the future supply chain experts and forwarding managers. If you feel that the logistics industry could be of interest to you as a potential career – download BIFA’s Introduction into the Logistics Industry e-book:

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